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That one person or persons who walk around the gym like they are the incredible hulk,They look at all the ladies and think every woman wants them,They constantly are looking at themselves in the mirror,If they see a guy lifting 20kg weight bar they come along and lift a 120kg weight bar slam it on the floor and walk off like the incredible hulk,They talk real loud and want to be noticed,They usually suffer from roid rage and jealousy and just come across as real arrogant jerks in general
Amatuer Guys at gym:Look at him man he's such a gym poser,

Guys at gym:I know he walks around like he's the friggin incredible hulk

Gym poser:Hey ladies can I help you there

Gym ladies:No we're ok thanks (Gee what a poser just because he's big and muscley he thinks he's in with a chance with us)

Gym poser on the phone to his wife:Arrrrhhh what do ya flippin mean it aint freaking ready yet you wait to I get home bitch and I'll be checking your phone and emails to when I get home

Guys at gym:He's definitely on the roids stupid gym poser,I feel sorry for his mrs when he gets home
by Harry69 February 19, 2011
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