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This is a biohazard like state which exists on your hands from going to the gym and handling various equipment with your hands.

This condition derives from hundreds of men using the gym equipment who hardly wipe their own asses let alone wash their hands.

The only way to rectify this potentially dangerous condition is to thoroughly wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap directly after your workout.
1. "Whew that was some workout, let's get outta here" says Jeff. "Wait a minute, I got gym hands...let me go wash them real quick" wisely responds James.

2. "Poor Jesse...what caused him to go into a coma" asks Jeff. "He forgot to wash his "gym hands" after working out and then he ate a sandwich. The poor fellow caught SARS, Shingles, Gout and the Black Plague...honestly it was too much for the human body so it shut down" replied James.
by archyis March 10, 2009
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