Gyal dem is a coolie made slang term for indicating 1 or more girls. Usually this term is used to point out a good looking girl or group of good looking girls who are near by.
"Eh yo look, gyal dem coming this way".

"Woyy, look at the gyal dem, I want to bang at least one ah dem today star".
by trinidadnic June 18, 2009
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This expression basically means your home-girlz. It is taken from the male origin man-dem. Can be used by both male and female homies, 2 describe thier home-gyal.
1) wassup gyal-dem? wot u up 2?
2) ive gotta gyal-dem thats obbsessed with that stuff! 4 real.
3) uve been my gyal-dems from pure time, trust.
by Adz H January 08, 2006
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This is a complement, to say to females.

gyal means girl
dem is a referent (as in Them, Those)
flex is the complement, like "awsome"
Its the "girl who got out of bed in the middle of the night to go to the store for more cigareettes and just grabbed whatever she could find in the dark" look. Gyal dem flex!
by VICE March 18, 2005
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