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Gwamm stands for "God walking amongst mere mortals" in a game called "Guild Wars" wich is the highest title amongst the "maxed tiers title"
I will never be "Gwamm", i mean 30 maxed titles for it...
by Gilles VE May 25, 2008
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GWAMM stands for God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (a line from the movie Anchor Man), which happens to be the most insanely difficult, and dedication oriented accomplishment to have ever existed in the global gaming world. It requires the maxing of 30 ''titles'' in the game 'Guild Wars' on PC. The titles range of long term and skill oriented PvE and PvP content, some of which require thousands and thousands of hours of active effort to achieve, and others which are time gated and can take many years if you have poor timing logging on for in-game events, or if you simply lack the ability to overcome the games hardest trials of endgame and PvP content. Luckily enough for Guild Wars (1) players, the title also carries over into Guild Wars 2; it's sequel.

Anyone who bears this title in either of the two games has ultimate bragging rights, however most who have earned it don't brag much, and don't fault it beyond wearing the title itself. Most who wear it are viewed as elitists, and disliked by those who don't have the dedicated to earn it themselves - they are typically hated out of envy. If the title were to be summarized into a single word, that word would be ''getafuckinglife''.
''Dude, how do you get that God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals title that guy has?"

"Oh, you mean GWAMM? You can't (lies), it's not possible (still lying), trust me you'll never get it ... ignore him, he probably thinks he's better than us anyways.''
by Mrs Stigma January 08, 2019
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