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Noun: To become radically inebriated at a company/family function within the first 30-45 minutes of arrival.

Actions may include but are not limited to: declaring ones sexual desires for everyones wife/girlfriend besides your own whislt she is standing behind you, repeatedly hammering a glass table with an acoustic guitar, and near molestation of family pets.

Cautionary Warning: Guy-deling is 100% avoidable but every party has that Guy-del. Monitoring alcohol consumptioin with anything more than careless regard will save you from being that Guy-del.
ME: Look at Phil. He is already ballroom dancing with the boss' wife.
YOU1: Well, someone has to be that Guy-del.
YOU2: Yeah and it saves me from being that Guy-del.
by Cuse-Nerd October 27, 2011
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