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You earn these by doing something you don't really want to do in order to please a women. These points can be used as evidence of you being there for your woman, that you actually care about the activities she takes part it, or simply to impress her. These actions are more important during the early stages of a relationship, usually when one is trying to get with a girl. Once you're about 2 month's into a relationship, Guy Points aren't important.
Friend - "You're going to (insert girl name here)'s softball game?"
Me - "Yeah, but I'm going just to earn guy points."
Friend - "Oh nice dude."
by QuickandEZ June 28, 2011
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points earned for performing cool simple guy tasks and generally behaving in a basic guy manner. there is no such thing as girl points, however a female can also earn guy points by doing something a guy would do. of course a male can lose guy points as well. guy points are awarded for such tasks as getting haircut by old guy at a real barbershop (not a super clips), watching UFC fights on spike, and drinking regular beer instead of fancy microbrews.
We saw a guy the other night in my neighborhood sitting in his garage on an old recliner, smoking a cigar and watching TV by himself. That guy has earned enough guy points to last a lifetime and only a yoga class or being caught wearing a blanket over his lap can remove them. A woman can earn guy points, only if she is attractive and does something like smoke a cigar or play poker.
by dmaestas September 04, 2009
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