A moment shared between a group of (guy) friends which may be described as amusing, jovial or funny.
John: Remember when all the guys got together and we sung the Halo theme song in the school’s bathroom?

Ben: Yeah man, that was such a guy moment.
by psuedo-anthropology January 10, 2019
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When bros relate to something that mostly guys do
Bro 1: Susan fucking took the kids and alcohol is my only friend
Bro 2: Guy moment
by namtrash March 1, 2019
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The moment of intense laughter when something unbelievably random happens, which must be said in an american accent.
wow that was a family guy moment!
by buttonsex December 4, 2010
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when you have good moment with many smaller guy moments
James:thats a small guy moment for me
jeff:BIG guy moment for me
by big guy 4 you January 25, 2018
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a simple ironic meme turned into a phenomenon. the origin story is that there are a ton of low-quality youtube channels that simply post clips from family guy tagged as funny moments. the comments on these videos are inhuman gibberish written by small children, thus causing a meme to be born involving incoherent praise for peter griffin, low quality heavily filtered images, and other facebook-esque garbage including "LIKE FOR A FREE IPHONE 7"

the meme is well known because it has lasted for a very, very long time,much longer than any ironic meme to date.
by just a prank, bro! March 26, 2017
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Having a gay crush on a man, then when that doesn't work out, having a crush on his younger brother.
I heard John had a crush on Gaije, but now has a crush on his younger brother, Whyit. That is a pretty Gui Moment.
by Milk_Man_ May 29, 2023
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