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A woman who frequently bar hops. Similar to a bar fly, only a gutterfly ends up passing out in the gutter while waiting for her ride after a long night of getting wasted.
We found shelly last night passed out in the gutter. What sight that was! She has now been promoted from a bar fly to a gutterfly.
by Magdalen22 March 19, 2015
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A Gaming channel on YouTube run by the man behind the heavy metal bad Eerie Sunday.

It mainly features video games, but also a bunch of completely random videos.

The channel is named after gummy butterfly candy. He thought it sounded metal though, so he went with it because he is a meme.
"What youtubers do you watch?"
"None, really."
"Have you heard of Gutterflies?"
"...Sounds about right."
by arsenide October 22, 2019
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