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Reference to Disney's Cinderella, this verb refers to the particular scene when Gus is carrying too many things at one time, and even uses his chin and teeth to help him carry such a large amount of things at once. This can be used to carry more things than normally plausible in hopes of making fewer trips than otherwise.
"I had too many books to carry this morning so I had to gusgus it. I looked like a fool though."

"Can you help me gusgus these boxes to the storage room?"
by Laroon March 30, 2010
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A goofy fat guy with a large bubble butt, resembling the chubby mouse in Disney's Cinderella.
can be used to replace the persons name;
"Gus Gus over there needs to stop checking me out before I vomit."
or, it can be used in this way;
"Next time tell me that the guy you send me on a blind date with is a complete gus gus."
by lalunalove May 06, 2006
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Fat mouse featured in the Disney movie Cinderella. When used, refers to a homosexual, volleyball loving fat boy who enjoys balls in his face.
Man, that Michael Carson really is Gusgus.
by Jordan Capi March 18, 2007
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