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Gunush (gun-oosh) is a synonym for a part of the female reproductive system, most commonly known as a vagina. The gunush comes in many different shapes but the size of the gunush is mainly about 3 inches (7.62 cm) in length.

Where can you find the gunush?
The gunush is located right below the urethral opening. Directly beside the gunush’s opening are the inner lips of the vulva, also known as the labia. The labia majora surround the inner lips and are most commonly covered by hair after puberty.

History of the word Gunush: The word Gunush, developed in the middle of North America in the year 2008 by two highschool graduates. Since then, the word is used all over the world as another equivalent word to the commonly used ‘Vagina’.

The word Gunush, is said the same all over the world.

Synonoms for the word gunush:
• vagina
• cunt
• pussy
• snatch
• cooter
• muff
• sleeping squirrel
• twat

Caring for your gunush:
For a clean smelling gunush, you must wash it daily in the shower. For better cleansing methods, try using a little bit of vinegar with water and rub the gunush softly.

“Oh my Stefan, did you see that woman’s gunush at the beach today?”

Linden really enjoyed making love to Mrs. Murphy’s gunush.”
by Linden/Stefan December 21, 2008
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