Folds of fat on the front lower abdomen of a obese woman which resembles the beginnings of the female genitals.
That bitch is so fat I bet there's Twinkies in her gunt!
by willdabeast831 February 18, 2009
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Gunt : guntis a combination of the words gut and cunt. It can be used in reference to males and females but primarily occurs on females.Gunt is visable when a person has a very large lower abdomen and dons a pair of pants, usually jeans, and the split line of the cunt continues up the middle of the abdomen. Both sides of the lower abdomen protrude beyond the center seam to give the appearance of a giant gut cunt or gunt. Gunt can be avoided by buying a larger sized pants.
Oh my god! Look at him/her, he/she has a gunt, I think it's time to go shopping!
by Beauconneau July 16, 2010
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When part of the anatomy, often the stomach but not in every situation, hangs over the genitalia and vaginal area. Ginger people are most likely to be the target off this insult as results already clearly indicate they are the most "Guntish". Often used as a term of slang to describe the gut hanging over the c**t...
Oh My God geezer!, look at that big ass ginger Gunt over there!!!
:O did you just say the C-Word?
no, Gunt mate, its....(refer to description above)
by Abdul Jahbar January 23, 2008
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A guy that is a cunt.
::whilst playing PUBG::

Get this Gunt off me!”
“I need a hand killing this Gunt!”
by Internexus August 25, 2017
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To insert your penis into a large, attractive pumpkin and fuck it until climax.
I used to be friends with Christopher until he started gunting so hard he would make some gugi.
by Anal salad May 3, 2019
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The fat pouch between a larger womans vagina and belly button. Resembling that of which a kangaroo would live in.
" Scotty, did you see that fat bitch's gunt? It was hanging to the floor dude!"
by Jabby September 28, 2005
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The gunt can only be found on women!

It is the mound of fat which bulges out inbetween their stomachs and their private parts.

Not quite their gut, nore quite thier c**t....

Look at the sate of that birds gunt! You could hold a children's bouncy castle part on that!
by Terry Kemp September 12, 2007
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