used to describe a gun-related homicide, usually used in reference to an enemy or a friend.
person 1: hey man, this shit for real?
person 2: yeah bro, our homie got Gunned down yesterday, & the clique is pissed.
by MRshiny_shirt November 23, 2018
(v.) To shoot someone with a firearm. This term came into coinage in the British tabloids in the 1960s, and world war I before that (where it was mainly military speak for a machine gunner, see b))
a) The paramilitrist said he was going to gun down a politician.

b) You don't want to go through that gap, there's a gun down in there.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
to shoot, be shot, or shot at
nick: yo, i heard your brother was shot and killed last week.
carlos: yea, he was gunned down by a gang member
by short,thick,andhot January 17, 2016
Well, its real simple. Gunning a female down is masturbating to her because you have no choice but to do so. Because you can't get to her.
"Man I was locked up in Southern correctional institution for 6 years and the female CO was fine so she had to get gunned down".
by conley aka six9 July 1, 2006
Verb. Prison term. To stare at a female correctional officer while masturbating.
Yo, did you see that new CO in D-block. Man, I am gonna gun her down tonight.
by wordmaster412 July 3, 2010
A ruthless man who will gun you down if u talk shit or act like a retard on the internet; Also gun em down is the most rutheless, accurate, and realest shit talker ever
gun em down will kill if provoked
by gun em down May 24, 2009