The worship of guns; a modern religion based on buying, owning, carrying and shooting large numbers of firearms in situations where they are not really necessary.
Gundamentalism promises to free you from the meaninglessness of everyday life by letting you stroke long hard objects and make loud noises while fantasizing about killing your enemies.
by rewinn August 19, 2013
The worship of Gundams; a modern religion originating in Japan, based on the worship of giant robots fighting other, evil giant robots.

See also: Gundamentalist (an adherent to Gundamentalism)
I grew tired of other religions, so I decided to try out Gundamentalism. Now I worship giant anime robots!
by MakePeaceNotGundams April 26, 2018
Same as fundamentals... But having a affecting or relating issue to the essential nature of using owning and carring a gun or a crucial point about the gun.
Man... You ain't got no gundamentals! Tell me how that story relates to the proper use of a gun and how and when it should be used in self defense.
by Proud Patriot! May 1, 2018