To run a ridiculously long way for no apparent reason; reference to Forrest Gump's epic cross-nation jog.
runner- Gumped it again today, I've really got to stop doing that...
friend- uh oh, how far did you go this time?
runner- don't really know, twenty five, maybe thirty miles...
friend- why the hell would you do that?!
runner- every time I wanted to turn around, i just thought about how far I'd already run, and how if i went just a little farther, I'd get to... Next thing I know, I've covered miles and miles.
by waytoomainstream September 28, 2013
Is everything and is everywhere but no one can find out what it is.
Hey man she’s kinda hot, yeah I think I’m gonna take her to the Gump Gump.

Mom: What do you want for dinner?
Me: Gump Gump

You best change that attitude before I send Gump Gump on you!
by Gump Gump September 4, 2019
So, 'gumping it' is when someone is not quite retarded, but they're like just on that line.
"I need to confess a sin, Father. I worked at a grocery store in my teenage years, I won't get specific. There was this one girl-- are you familiar with the term 'gumping it' --so while it's an ethical conundrum, it's not fucking a retarded person if you were to sleep with 'em. This will come important later in the story..."
by Totally Not A Furry March 6, 2021
When a person is not quite retard yet they are on the line.
Yeah I fucked that slow chick, but it’s cool since she’s gumping it and not a full retard.
by Human Whisk2 November 24, 2020
Last night at the party I walked in on shane gumping my retarded sister
by Ironheade March 28, 2021
Montgomery, Alabama. a word made popular by the rap group Deuce Komradz
"State Trooper tailin' me but he know who I be, escortin' me back to tha G-U-M-P".."The Gump, there you have it"
by d3LRi0 July 22, 2006