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A small caveman-like creature that surrounds its habitat with garbage and foul odors. It often attempts reproduction with species that are twice its size and frequently drinks alcohol to the point of complete retardation.

Also, This creature is known to have severe problems with sexually transmitted diseases which are mostly due to its low standards in attracting a mate but also due to a failure to remove the foreskin at birth.
Look at that mess, it must have been that dirty gullo who lives here.

by rooster9 March 25, 2009
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A goat herder or a person who raises goats.
My father was a Gullo most of his life until the grazing land became scarce and his goats were all sold off.
by Charles Gullo June 15, 2006
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a funny kid from buffalo who goes to kenmore west high school who loves karoke and is a big fan of macguyver
gullo was the life of the party
by chris gullo March 29, 2005
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A word made up by MacBaine in order to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt as to its origins and also to draw attention to himself as a poster.
Anonymous poster: That pisses me off.
MacBaine : gullo.

Anonymous poster: This is the best day ever!
MacBaine : gullo.
by AnandTech Moderator April 16, 2004
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