A colloquialism for a gynaecologist. It's believed to have originated in Ireland and is probably because an unusually large amounts of Guiney's (a family which began in Cork and Mayo.) became Gynaecologist. From there the contraction of the word Gynaecologist is obvious... although why such a high percentage of Guiney's chose to work in this career is lost in the mists of time.
'Ah Mary did you hear that Jacinta is eight months pregnant and hasn't told anyone yet.'
'Well then she'll want to get herself of to her Guiney soon'
a derivative of "guido" usually referring to a guido that tops all guidos while walking down the street in oversized fubu pants, a wife beater, absurdly large sunglasses, an orange like fake tan, and a pompous arrogance that makes you want to shoot them in the face. The blowout is usually associated with a "guiney tom". It is the most high of the guido culture, take out the guiney tom and you make the regular guidos tremble in your presence. Loves track jackets that say "Italia" and the famous jersey shore t-shirt "not only am i perfect, but i'm italian too." Also: loves Armani exchange.
Normal Person: "I'll have a Bud Light."
Guiney Tom: "Hey chief, two fuckin jagabombs down here."
by farfanoogan November 11, 2007