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Is the smell of someones breath that resembles that of a fart, or in my cases, Dog Shit. The terminology orginates for the early 14th Century when Aristotle told his Plato (his teacher) that his breath smelt like a Guff.

1815–25; perh. imit.
Guff comes from the Latin word; mean to "Reek"

Gu- in latin means Dog

FF- in latin means Shit
"I can't believe i married that woman, she's got the worst guff breath i've ever encountered"

"Sir, will you please! stop talking your Guff breath is offensive"

"I am arresting you for possesion of Guff Breath"

"I hate having Guff Breath mum!"

"what is it doctor?...i'm sorry but you've got a severe Guff Breath, i don't think you'll make it through the night"
by Francois Steyn June 30, 2009
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