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1. One of the most forgettable, ignorable members of the highly overrated Young Money camp.

2. A rapper with a really stupid pseudonym.

3. A rapper who refers to his girlfriend as "grocery bag", just because it rhymes with the previous line in that horrible song "Bedrock" by Young Money", a lyrical tendency all too common with the Young Money crew.
Jack: Man that rapper's totally lazy. He just used some random word because it rhymed with another word. That's lame.

Jill: Totally. Way to pull a Gudda Gudda.
by Ser Davos Seaworth November 25, 2011
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1. A rapper who thought "gutter" is the best word he could use to describe his skills.
2. A joke made to entertain people.
3. A word used to insult rappers.
1. Gutter 1: Dude have you heard of gudda gudda?

Gutter 2: Yeah we are definitely not that bad.
2. Jack: Hey wanna hear a joke?

Sam: Sure

Jack: Gudda Gudda's rap career.
3. Eminem: Dude 50 waita pull a gudda gudda

50 Cent: I though we was cool man. WTF

Eminem: No I'm just kidding you aren't nearly as bad as that faggot.
by Quick Hands March 14, 2010
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