He is also attractive which can be a good thing since he is a flirt. He is a good mix of basic and extra. Its surprising that more girls don't want him. He should have a girlfriend, or a boyfriend. He also needs to be able to make up his mind.
(1) Wow, Gucci Boi is hot!
(2) Yeah, but he can't make up his mind.
by Oooooof.Ugggggggg February 18, 2019
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Gucci Boi is a boy who is very aggressive sometimes. He is a flirt that needs calm down. He needs to be at school more often than everyother day unless he has a good reason for it. But other than all those things, he's still a great guy.
(1) Gosh, Gucci Boi is almost never here.
(2) But, he is still great when he is.
(1) But, he still needs a good reason.
by Oooooof.Ugggggggg February 17, 2019
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Gucci boy is title given to BTS member V(Kim taehyung),his abundance of wearing Gucci clothes and perfectly portraying it makes him get the "GUCCI BOY"
GUCCI BOY is a bts member
by arj3x July 23, 2018
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A name to describe V (Kim Taehyung) from Bts; He's known as this because of how much Gucci clothing he wears
"V's The Gucci Boy, he's always wearing Gucci"
by Kuzumi Haruno October 18, 2018
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BTS Kim TaeHyung, also known as “gucci boy” because of his love for the brand.
“Have you seen TaeHyung’s last post on twitter?”
“Yeah, he’s a real Gucci Boy”
by k_y_o_o May 4, 2021
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a man that wears gucci and drinks wazko, they wil usually follow spag it gud64 on insta
dat boi be gucci af my nigga
*comes to de nigga

u gucci boi, do u kno de wae


fuck off
by u gucci boi January 10, 2018
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It is that Boi that ur friend likes and he tries to flex on her with his Gucci but we all know he got it half off at good will
by lugrayay April 30, 2019
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