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A person who acts like a guardian angel because he/she feels guilty about what they've done in the past
"Heh... I guess you can say I'm your Guardian Demon..."
by The Peace Lord Deimos February 18, 2018
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someone who suffers from e.b.a.h and has love more than he should but doesent show it because he knows emotions are weakness and if someone is hurt by someone else that he cares about he will do unspeakable things to that person
holy shit her guardian demon cut his arms and legs but made sure he was alive to suffer just because he hurt her
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by triple muthaphukkin g July 18, 2016
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Someone who tries to harm you, but in the process saves you from a bigger disaster.
R. is so my guardian demon. She stole T. from me but turns out he has VD! OMG!
by gloriascott January 22, 2011
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