A french feminane word for a sack of feices.
A french word for a large smelly sack of feices/guanine its comonly found in caves and in the human body.
by mac snibbuts October 29, 2007
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Slang For "What's Going On Then" Commonly Used By Teenagers
"Hey What's Guanin Blud?"
by PikeyHoedown June 9, 2009
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Whats up
used within groups of cheeky nando lads
*Joins PS4 party* wagwan, whats guaning.
by Top G420 March 11, 2016
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1. A chemical used in energy drinks to get you absolutely juiced up.

2. A nucleotide used to form the rungs of DNA. Normally paired with Cytosine. Known by the formula C5H5N5O.

3. A term used to describe a situation, action, or noun, that is absolutely amazing

4. A synonym of "going" or "going on".
-Hey Ro, what did you do with Kendrick yesterday?
-I'm struggling to remember... but that head was absolutely Guanine!!!
-Oh word...
by M4rineRalstin3 October 9, 2022
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