Named after a popular South African sport-fish (Spotted Grunter - Pomadasys commersonni) which is known for grunting like a pig when landed, a grunter is a very unattractive woman.

The term is so widely used that young men developed a game called 'Hunt the Grunt' whereby each player adds money to a pot and the aim is to score the ugliest girl/woman possible on any one night. At the end a winner is decided by popular (unpopular) vote and he takes the pot. It is then his decision whether or not to buy his grunter a drink with his winnings.
A:Bro, that thing you scored last night was an absolute grunter!
B: Get fucked, meat is meat and a man must eat.
by Sharkish September 11, 2012
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A girl that is just lower than low, uglier than ugly, and all-around hard on the eyes.
Looch: yo rate she will give me head?
DJ: ye and the claps.
Aus: You boys are fucked she's a grunter.
by The fat white african February 14, 2021
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A Grunter, is someone who is very ugly and usually has a huge bottom jaw. When you look at a grunter its almost impossible to not picture them acting like an ape throwing the poo everywhere. There are different levels of grunting, a high level grunter would deemed, "He Grunts On A University Level" whereas most just grunt on a 6th grade level.
Dylan: WHOA Shlab...Check out that Grunt Lord!
Sean: Holy Shit! that Grunter looks like he's the type of guy to eat a load of shit every morning!
Dylan: yah...
by dlan September 07, 2007
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The man on the receiving end of anal sex. See also shunter.
Are you the grunter or the shunter?
by Ian Chode April 03, 2003
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an upsized poo that is simply too large to be expelled without grunting, clenching, and the bursting of facial blood vessels.
"dropping a grunter" is the act of producing one of these intimidating steamers.
"where the fuck is stu, i'm thinking of stealing his weed"
"he's in the bathroom dropping a grunter, i can hear him struggling with it from here. yeah pack me a cone too, he's still grunting away... we'll have enough time."
"rad... LOVE the grunter"
by April 04, 2003
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A right rough old dog, with yellow bleached hair, 5 inches of greasy roots and no intellect, who's been fucked left, right and centre by thick, ugly, tattooed, toothless neanderthal-type blokes all her life. She's had more pricks than a second hand dartboard. You wouldn't touch her with yours or anyone else's.
"Look at the state of that. What an old grunter!"
by Clarice December 05, 2003
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When you acquire a chopper gunner in call of duty and proceed to insert as much of the controller (handle first) into the anus or vagina of a female lover, using the chopper-gunner-caused vibration as a vibrating-dildo-like sensation. This is known to cause the female lover to grunt with pleasure, hence the name.
The motivation from my girlfriend to give her a chopper grunter has increased my motivation to get chopper gunners, therefore increasing my gaming skill, win-win.
by Ala Mufassa Jones IV December 29, 2010
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