Means being a follower. D riding or clout chasing.
They didn’t want him until he got famous. Them girls grouped out/ groupies
by Kyla Kim October 19, 2021
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Bake out group

An on-line group set up with the purpose of sharing embarrassing photographs of others on line, particularly used by school age children (Source: BBC South East, UK April, 2018 and spoke to the journalist to clarify the word and meaning) Origins: possibly a merger of 'Break Out' and Fake-out.
"Children are using bake out groups to share explicit images of other classmates on line"
by Tymbus April 28, 2018
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Group out is a term I personally invented, and it’s definition is:
The whole group is out, as in, they take a vote and all vote no, however, one person in the group votes yes.
I can’t believe she did it anyway. It was a group out!
by soph1111 August 2, 2020
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