Term used to describe an elected leader of a group of friends, however they dont actually have any power as no-one listens to them.
by leader123 November 22, 2005
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A larp who bought the top of Crypto 2017 bubble and lost a lot of money. So he/she/it opens a paid group that charges people to get in, and recover the losses back.
loomdart: "haha thecryptodog got so rekt he became a paid group leader and started scamming people"

notscav: " inversebrah"
by rektpleb September 8, 2019
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Stray Kids, the mala taste pioneers, the genre. Composed of 8 composers, 8 vocalists, 8 dancers, 8 rappers, and 8 visuals.
Oh my gosh, the 4th generation kpop group leader Stray Kids is performing on stage!!
by ksmkiths March 12, 2021
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group leader is that guy, the dude who leads the ship and da boyz
That foo Matias is him, he my group leader
Eric yea that’s my master… my bad meant group leader
Adriel lowk a group leader
by hiveminddd June 1, 2023
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