Term used to describe an elected leader of a group of friends, however they dont actually have any power as no-one listens to them.
by leader123 November 22, 2005
A larp who bought the top of Crypto 2017 bubble and lost a lot of money. So he/she/it opens a paid group that charges people to get in, and recover the losses back.
loomdart: "haha thecryptodog got so rekt he became a paid group leader and started scamming people"

notscav: " inversebrah"
by rektpleb September 8, 2019
Stray Kids, the mala taste pioneers, the genre. Composed of 8 composers, 8 vocalists, 8 dancers, 8 rappers, and 8 visuals.
Oh my gosh, the 4th generation kpop group leader Stray Kids is performing on stage!!
by ksmkiths March 12, 2021