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The often unneccessary act of someone placing the plastic divider on a grocery store conveyor belt to seperate their items from yours. Can be used as a metaphor for other situations.
Person 1: “Did you really just grocery-stick me? I have $100 worth of food and your only items are a candy bar and a tv.”
Person 2: “....Uh, I just didn’t want them to get mixed up.”
Cashier: “Bro, I work at Walmart but I’m not a fuckin’ idiot. Making sure I scan the right items for the customer is one of my literally three responsibilites. Never in the history of the world has anyone switched items with another customer because they still have to pay for it.
Person 2: *Quiet shame*

Steve: “Hey man, did you go home with that hot blonde last night?!
Kevin: “Nah man, I got grocery-sticked by her fat friend.”

Stacy: “Did you get Taylor Swift’s autograph?!
Monica: “Fuck no! I got up close when she got out of her limo but got grocery-sticked by three security guards!”
Stacy: “.....sounds hot”
Monica: “No, look it up on urban dictionary .”
by Dunkmarinade August 04, 2018
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