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The sound a man makes when he is focused on devouring another man entire cock to the best of his abilities.
You could hear the Groarke coming from Shane's room.

pole smoking cockmeat sandwich cock fag
by Butfuckler December 05, 2010
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To be spoken in a high-pitched, squeaky tone - can be used to express the following phrases:

"I like coffee"
"I am going to make the coffee"
"Just make the fucking coffee"
"I've had too much coffee!"

And variations thereupon...

Ideal for the office environment
Person A: "Groarke!!!!!"

Person B: "Groarke indeed!" *Goes to the kitchen to make coffee"

Person B: *Puts down the coffee on the table* "Groarke!"

Person A: "Groarke!"

*Coffee is enjoyed*
by ---Left_Unfinished--- February 05, 2014
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