Good, Wicked, Cool.

Slang for any of above.

Person 1: Check out ma new AIR FORCE ONES!
Person 2: Yeah man they're well griffin!
by Dalean February 01, 2007
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A sexy beast that possesses a penis of at least 10 inches and can squirt the hell out of any girl.
Harder Griffin harder!!! *sqirt* *squirt* *moan* *scream* fuck yes!!!
by Akalakakumar November 02, 2013
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Griffin is the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He has the biggest heart and tries to be the best and everything. Even though he likes like to show off, you will never meet another man as handsome, smart, funny, strong, athletic and caring as him. He was born to go down in the history books as a champion. He will always try to make you laugh at any moment. If you don't meet a Griffin in your life time I'm sorry for you because a Griffin is someone you would want to talk to about anything. He would get into a fight to protect the girl he loves. He is also known for having a huge wanger. Even as a white boy.
Hey Griffin want to come back to my place ;) just try not to break me...

Everyone get ready for a good time, Griffin's coming to the party!
by Lindsay <3 July 15, 2017
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Griffin is an absolutely amazing person. He’s funny, sweet, cute, and is loving to everyone he knows. He loves cars, mountains, and dogs, especially Hemi. I love him for who he is and I would never trade him for anyone. He’s super good at cuddling you during movies, or laughing with you while playing quiplash. He’s definitely the type to say “don’t talk to me, i haven’t had my coffee yet” but after he’s had it he is the sweetest most lovable person ever. He’s such an important person to me and I never wanna let go of him. I’m so glad he loves me, because I wouldn’t want that from anyone else. Thank you Griffin❤️ I love you
Wow, your with Griffin!? Your so lucky!
by bigppeve6969 April 30, 2020
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Someone who always laughs at this guy named Yianni and his laugh.
Griffin: Hey, have you heard Yianni's laugh? Lmao
by yians2034820 November 13, 2019
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SWEET!!! Big hearted person who is sarcastic and funny and works hard at being an all around loving duuuuuuude
Do you know Griffin?

You mean Griffin-dore? Yes I know him so well I call him by a dumb nickname! ;)
by Shawlright y’all October 22, 2018
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