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Richie:aren't u guys coming in?
Eddie: nuh uh it's grey water
Richie:what the hell is grey water!?
Eddie:it's basically piss and shit, so I'm just telling u, you guys are splashing around in millions of gallons of dairy pee
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by Anonymous 19372037 September 20, 2017
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It's basically, PISS AND SHIT from Derry.
Creatures that live in GREYWATER: Pennywise, Patrick Hockstetter, and Rats.
A rare species named: "The Loser's Club" that involes a Trashmouth (Richie Tozier) , aGermaphobe (Eddie Kasbprak), The New Kid On The Block (Ben Hanson), A clone of Molly Ringwald (Beverly Marsh), A Jew(Stanley Uris), A Stuttering freak (Bill Denbrough) , and a Orphan (Mike Hamilton) rarely go down where Greywater is, and if they do and YOU spot all Seven of them, please contact this number: 800-131-0728
"You guys coming?"

"Nuh-uh, that's GREYWATER."

"What the hells Greywater??"
"It's basically... PISS AND SHIT. So I'm just telling you, your splashing around in millions and gallons of Derry pee."

"Doesn't smell like CACA TO ME SENOR!"
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by Reddie is real. Yummmmmmm September 28, 2017
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It is basically piss and shet mixed together .
What is this? Ugh it stank. Oh, it’s grey water, it’s basically piss and shet . I am just telling you.
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by Jazzy asthmatic asthetic October 02, 2019
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A water saving strategy usually used by third world countries, but now is being used in rural country Australia i.e. Bendigo etc to help save water.

It's when you re-use the water from washing dishes, laundry and bathing. It's dangerous to drink or give to animals and is not suppose to be used to water plants or trees that produce fruits or foods for human consumption i.e. apple trees, tomato plants etc
"Did you just piss in the shower?"


"Ewww now our grey water is gonna be yellow water!"
by The Moody Poet January 24, 2007
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Richie: What the hell is greywater?
Eddie: it's basically piss and shit so I'm just telling ya!
by eddiekaspbrak September 23, 2017
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GreyWater is a mix of piss and shit , basically it’s Derry pee - go follow my instagram @its_erikatzakas
“It’s GreyWater” “what the hell is GreyWater” “ it’s basically, piss and shit , aka Derry pee
by IT definitions October 07, 2019
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