a grey ghost of a lady that every primary (at least in my area) had. Usually found in the lads or girls toilets (depending on if you're a lad or a girl). Appears at night or when someone says "grey lady" three times and switches the light off. No primary school kid dared try it and if they did they left before she could appear (apparently). Varying stories of her death and stories of my mates' mate's older brother saw her as a kid.
Boy 1: hey let's make the Grey Lady appear
Boy 2: no! That's just stupid! She'll take her revenge for being jilted at the altar!

(it was common to say she was a vengeful spirit who was jilted by her husband or something similar)
by TomD4Eva August 16, 2006
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1. A nickname for a submarine. 2. Also, a person who drops a depth charge and farts in an area to be occupied by an unsuspecting victim.
That guy is a grey lady; every time I walk into his office, I check the bottom of my shoe to see if I stepped in dog shit.
by Ziggy Blonde July 04, 2013
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Being teabagged (the victim of a person dropping their testicles on another for comedic value) unexpectedly by a person of feminine appearance.
Hey dude, did you hear what happened to Ev last night? That chick he took home Lady Greyed him. Lucky Ev likes surprises.
by CannaR December 11, 2019
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