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A tactic used in FPS games in which players lob grenades into the air towards the enemy spawn attempting to get a lucky kill.

The tactic requires extensive knowledge of the current map and a sense of predictability in knowing where the enemy will usually head.

Though, this only works well in round based games because spawn points are fixed.

The best way to avoid grenade artillery is to look at the sky in the early game and watch out for small flying objects heading in your vecinity
Unknown Soldier sprinted around the corner, poised to bring his bullets upon his enemies.

When suddenly he exploded, a grenade had been flailed from the otherside of the map and killed shame.

...Damned Grenade Artillery
by CommandoDude November 02, 2008
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Grenade artillery is the drunkest guy in the the group, who the team sends in to take the grenade out there by allowing the other gents to move in and take the hot girls.
That sparky is pretty drunk.

Yeah man send in the grenade artillery. we might have a chance tonight.
by Morlond October 06, 2010
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