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(adj) a person of trailer origins and mainly indiginous to the coastline of South Florida. This person typically would be found rocking a mullet and jorts at a constructions site or a Florida Gators football game. They are quite aggressive and not very eloquent but always ready to consume alcoholic beverages to the point of hospitalization and abuse drugs to near death.
They can be found in a piss yellow 1974 Oldsmobile Omega or at any beach bar drinking natty light and hitting on the bar maidens.

Greendogs were once heroic athletes in the high school days but peaked far too early. Also, have arrest records for spousal abuse and multiple DUI's
Damn check out that Greendog son!!! He's carrying his constructions tools in a five gallon bucket!! But at least his mullet is fresh!
by fab voip August 12, 2010
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