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People of Netherlandish-Persian descent, characterized by their incredibly low IQ level, extreme need to make absurdly stupid comments, cannot drive worth a shit, and wearing bicurious clothing. Green people are also notriously bipolar, one moment they may be cussing you out because they thought you shaved their leg, and the next they'll be dry-humping you in their sleep. These people are not to be trusted with any fragile, as they will either break it, lose it, or attempt to fuck it. Very similar to those of Romanian Grape Vine heritage.
Girl: Wow, did you see that kid at school today?
Guy: The one who tried to have sex with a potato in the lunch line? Yea, i saw him, i think hes one of them Green People.
Girl: Ohhhhhh, that would explain it.
by Caliboyfromdabay January 11, 2009
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