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During fellatio, depending on the amount of pubic hair of the partner receiving the oral pleasure, ‘Greek Hayfever’ may afflict the one giving the oral pleasure.

This is a condition where the excess of pubic hair causes irritation of the nose and eyes, inducing hayfever symptoms.

Symptoms may include: -Watering or itchy eyes
-Redness or swelling of the eyes
-Running nose
-Sinus irritation

In bad cases, the one giving oral pleasure may expel air forcibly and spasmodically through the nose and mouth, resulting in a great deal of mess (through build up of unwanted mucus on the male genetalia), discomfort and awkwardness.
Dude, I heard you gave Jenny a bad case of Greek Hayfever?

Yeah man, it was horrible, she sneezed all over my junk!
by Nick & Owen November 16, 2007
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