By far the worst generation ever in human history.

Scoundrels who knew the bolsheviks were mass-murdering over 10 - 60 million innocent people BEFORE Hitler even came into power but said and did NOTHING about it! In fact many were even closet-communists during that time era and legit supported the trillions of dollars in weapons and aid given to the pure-evil bolshevik terrorists and the western elites who spent billions of dollars financing the bolshevik revolution.

The only time they even got infuriated during the entire time the bolsheviks were mass-murdering all opposition and compulsively planning to take over the world, was when Hitler invaded Poland to save the lives of a million or more of his people from being mass-murdered and terrorised by polish partisans and racists for the crime of living on their own ancestral and historic territory which Poland stole after WW1.

The allies then started WW2 when after unjustly denying basic human rights to the multiple hundreds of thousands of Germans being mass-murdered to the point Hitler had to break their evil unjust laws to save 1 million or more lives of his own people. Hitler then knew ALL the allies were just closet-communists and took matters into his own hands in order to save Europe and the entire world from a total communist take-over and government tyranny.
When Hitler was about to destroy communism for good, guess what The “Greatest Generation” did? They used their bombers and planes to terror-bomb, incendiary-bomb, carpet-bomb, and much more, a nation smaller than Texas with almost no resources, which was doing the extremely brave and heroic duty of fighting all the pure-heinous bolshevik tyrants and the entire world pretty much entirely by itself.

Not only Germany was mass-murdered with bombs but ALL of Europe and even Sweden/Switzerland which were non-aligned. The amount of French people that were bombed to the death by the allies was more French people killed than by the entire German armed-forces! They terrorised, mass-murdered, raped through every town they got through almost or exactly on the level the bolsheviks did!

After destroying the last only real resistance to communism taking over the world (Which thank God did save the world from total-communism) which was a resourceless nation smaller than Texas, they were unhappy communism failed to enslave the world under it’s pure-scam and pure-evil lie of an ideology, guess what they did next? They allowed all the pure-heinous bolshevik terrorists into all the collages, institutions, academia, radios, government positions and everything else everywhere in the world they possibly could. They are so unsatisfied they adopt Herbert Marcuse’s Repressive Tolerance, censoring/demonising/loathing anything right-wing and promoting/canonising/cherishing everything left-wing.
An established(ie: long used) term referring to WW2 vets, however, it was self given(I think..) and is generally used in one of two ways...

1)arrogantly, often something along the lines of the first definition for this word(^)
2)by pacifists who wish to not seem that way or who wish to not be thought of as ungrateful
"Hey! We're the Greatest Generation you hippie punks!"

"What sacrifices, they truely are the greatest generation..."
by koomori December 20, 2005
The generation of men and women who selflessly served in the armed forces of America during WW2 and helped stop the tide of Nazi and Japanese aggression. Alot better than today's generation of pacifist pussies and terrorist appeasers. With the exception of those in the armed forces now. God Bless them.
The Greatest Generation is sadly fading away, day by day. The memorial dedicated to their service to their country will be the most beautiful this country ever built.
by Bruiser235 May 8, 2004
The generation of Men and Women defined by the miserable conditions of the great depression and the hard fighting in World War 2. Some would consider the name arrogant if they had no awareness of history. They lost friends, became cripples and experienced gross traumas in the process. They aren't constantinly in our faces bragging in the day to day - they are quietly declining in retirement homes while the actually arrogant and entitled Boomers make a mockery of everything their parents bled for. So their children could have the life they never had.
X - The 'Greatest Generation'? Isn't that a bit arrogant?
Y - Go burn your childhood in the Great Depression and your adult years in the Second World War and get back to me.
by Red_019 April 8, 2022