This is a party shot where someone takes a shot of fireball off a guys ball sack. If you can talk some poor schmuck into trying this you'll have ants in your pants trying not to laugh until his balls are on the burner! After a long night of drinking, his salty balls will blister so bad he'll think there was Nair in that shot!
What?! Great balls of fire?!! He had to have known his balls were gonna fry!
by Sean Day Lou Swahili Swag September 4, 2016
When a man has taco shits, or some form of the shits combined with any spicy food, or any other substance which causes a burning sensation comming out of the asshole, and said man wipes back to front.
Goodness gracious man, I have great balls of fire!
by Poisonhole October 17, 2008
when a girl lights her man's pubic hair of his balls on fire then proceeds to put it out by having her best friend pee on them.
goodness gratious, that dude has great balls of fire.
by Taylor Holley November 17, 2004