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An overzealous person who is willing to pay top dollar for an Apple product as soon as it becomes available. They have been known to stand in line for hours, even camp out at a retail store, to try to be the first person to buy a newly-released Apple product.
Leaira: Hey, Jordan, look at all those people lining up by the door! What's going on?

Jordan: Oh, the new iPhone is coming out at midnight tonight. They want to be the first people to get one.

Leaira: Hahaha! That's crazy! Don't they know these things will be obsolete in like 6 months and they'll come out with something else?

Jordan: I'm sure some do, but I guess they want to be able to brag that they have one. What a bunch of iFools!

Leaira: Yeah, no doubt! In a year they won't even be able to give these things away on eBay!
by brie46902 August 28, 2009
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