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When a females vagina resembles that of a medium rare burger and is also drenched in grease.
β€œSteve fucked a total grease burger last night, he says his dick smells like cabbage now!”
by Joe.mama September 23, 2019
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The turd that is left behind in the toilet when someone forgets to flush the toilet after dropping a deuce. It is usually several minutes or hours before it is discovered and typically not pleasant to look at.
John: Did you hear about what happened to Leavitt?

Jason: No!

John: Teresa left him and took everything. All she left was a grease burger in the toilet!


Trey: Hey! Whoever left this grease burger in the toilet needs to come flush it.
by baller207 July 21, 2009
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a cheese burger that is so greasy the cheese is wet and slimy and the grease is saturated through the bun and wrapper, usually served by pimplefesters who work at crackdonalds
Hello pimplefester how many crackdonald's greaseburgers do I have to eat to get a complexion like yours?

well you can eat 3 or rub one directly on the skin.
by Magic Mocha September 17, 2010
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