A middle-aged man. Old enough to have some white (gray) hair, but not completely white yet. Graybeards tend to think of themselves as wise and experienced, while younger people just consider them "old."
Dude, I thought that graybeard would be humming Frank Sinatra, but when I walked by his office, he was jamming to Brother Ali!
by AndrewCr April 9, 2009
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An aging nerd. Generally very fat, with poor hygiene, balding gray hair pulled back into a pathetic ponytail, and, of course, a messy gray beard. His is a body ravaged by a lifetime of mountain dew, cheetos, and social isolation. The final stage of nerdery before death, following the fatbeard and neckbeard stages.

Often runs or at some point ran a comic shop. Often quite bitter about the new kids in the hobby, despite getting into it when he was approximately the same age.
I hate that comic shop, the owner is a total graybeard.
by FishStampede January 24, 2009
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