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A form of baseball played by Beatrice Middleton and all the neighborhood kids. Often played in the street with her coaching. Grannyball is easy to play. After a run is scored the dogs come and move the bases further apart. Grannyball is most often played in the summer when the kids are out of school. You will love i! Beatrice Middleton told you! If you want a great game to play until fall grab your favorite granny and play Grannyball.
Beatrice: Hey Diego, Wilson, you two up for a game of Granyball? Its going to be fun.

Diego: What's Grannyball? I've never heard of it. Is it good to play?

Beatrice: Of course it is! Its great, I'll teach you! Its just like normal baseball, except played by a bunch of grannies. See?

Wilson: Dang, she's right. This is fun! She knows what she's doing. (He hits a ball) Sweet, homerun!

Beatrice: That's it. We'd better move the bases. (she whistles for the dogs) Come on in. (the dogs move the bases)

Diego: Wow! This game is fun. I'm gonna have to play it with my grandma. She would love it!

Beatrice: Hey, I'm your grandma. I'm both your grandmas. You love me like one! Grannyball is for everyone!

Wilson: You're right, Coach Beatrice, Grannyball rocks. It is the best game we've ever played.

Beatrice: Okay, now that the game's over, we need some exercise. Give me 50! Grannyball rocks! (they all drop to the ground and start doing push ups)
by Dusty's Baby Powder December 24, 2011
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