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A grandma who also works as a youth's sports coach. Often fires the other coaches and takes on coaching herself. One notable example of this happened on January 30, 2011 when Beatrice Middleton fired her son, Morris, from his Pop-Warner football team and took over the coaching herself.
Beatrice: (blowing the coach's whistle) Hey kids, Coach Morris isn't here any more. You've got yourselves a Grandma Coach!

Wilson: What on earth is a Grandma Coach?

Beatrice: It's a grandma that coaches kids' sports. Trust me, you'll like me just as much as you did him!

Wilson: I'm not so sure.

Beatrice: Trust me, it's going to be fun. I'll work you so hard you'll be begging for mercy! (blows the whistle again, yelling) MOVE IT!

Morris: Mom! You're working those guys too hard. A coach isn't supposed to work that way.

Beatrice: Oh yeah, well drop and give me fifty! (blows the whistle again, getting in Morris' face yelling) NOW!!!

Midge: Easy Beatrice, it's only your first day. You'll make a great coach, trust me!
by Dusty's Baby Powder January 30, 2011
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