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A small town that has never amounted to anything besides the main character in Eddie's Million Dollar Cookoff and members of the Tight Pants Kids or TPK. When asked what there is to do in Granbury the answer is always the same...take artsy pictures or go to grandma's house in Kansas.
Kid 1: Hey what do you want to do in Granbury, TX today?
Kid 2: Well, first i'm going to grease up my hips to fit my jeans on then i'm going to cut my t-shirt into a V.
by AkcizuR July 14, 2008
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A backwater shit hole named after two obscure racist confederate generals, where guys with creepy facial hair, swatstika tattoos, meth addictions, and mile long rap sheets pretend their lives actually have a point. The Town's unofficial slogan is "Come on vacation, leave on probation" due to the everyday small town police harrasment which occurs there. In Granbury you'll find plenty of confederate flags, hear lots of country and Kid Rock (along with plenty of racial slurs), and smell the stench of local yokal bullshit.
Jim Bob: Hey Bubba, wanna go to Granbury, Tx and smoke some shard while we try to screw underage girls?

Bubba: yup. I like what Granbury represents.
by Mr_definition83 November 09, 2018
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