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To truly describe a douche would be relatively impossible. But here are some of the tell-tale signs that let you know if you, or someone you know maybe be suffering from being a douche:

-Wears american eagle/lacoste shirts with collar permanently popped

-Walks with a little too much of a gangster bounce in his step(note that this rule does not apply if douche in question is black. being dark brown doesn't keep you exempt from this rule)

-Talks like they have an expanse of knowledge of the world when it is in fact the opposite

-Talks obnoxiously and douche-tastically loud so that others have no option but to overhear they're ridiculously trivial conversations

-Pretending to be black, under any circumstances, constitutes automatic doucheness

-Punch their friends on the shoulder soft enough not to hurt, but hard enough to think they actually have some dominance in their circle of friends

-Wear the christian cross on a necklace when their not religious because they want to be like one of those religious badasses in the action movies(e.g. the sniper in Saving Private Ryan. only but he was actually religious)

-Thinking their the fucking bees knees when in reality they're just a DOUCHE!!!
*brown man walks in with popped collar and overly large bounce in his step*

Observer 1: Check out the height on that collar. A true display of douchebaggery

Observer 2: And the bounce puts the icing on his douchebag cake.

Observer 3: I bet he thinks he's the fucking bees knees...
by Saucy n00b September 27, 2008
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1. Anything to do with Clint Eastwood

2. An activity that would be approved by Clint Eastwood

3. Quite possibly the most badass movie ever to grace the earth (due to Clint Eastwood)

4. A wicked sick car
1. Good, the Bad, and the Ugly was fucking Gran Torino

2. Person1: Hey we're gonna go shoot some indians. You want in?
Person2: Sounds pretty Gran Torino to me

3. "GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN" (said in Clint Eastwood's scratchy yet endlessly badass voice)

4. Dammmmmmn check out that dude's Gran Torino
by Saucy n00b December 25, 2008
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