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Refers to UFC Fighter and Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, regarded as the best pound for pound fighter, who tested positive for cocaine.
Jon Jones is the best gram for gram fighter in the world.
by PatPoose January 14, 2015
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When marijuana is sold at the flat rate of $10 a gram, regardless of quantity purchased.

Usually because it is high quality bud.
Ian: Yo, you got any chronic?
Brett: Yea dude, shit's whip.
Ian: Can u sell me a 1/4?
Brett: Yea dude its gram for gram tho, is that straight?
Ian: Yea be there soon?
Brett: yea just come in my side door.
by AGoff December 23, 2009
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The slippers that the elderly or Grandmas and Grandpas or Grammy's wear. They are like a base with a cap across the toes.
"Nice gram grams!"

"I am going to get me some gram grams!"
by Jason_C November 18, 2007
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A sweet old lady who sits at home and tells her grandkids stories. She often bores her grandchildren by repeating tales of her first job back in the 20s.
mommmm, i don’t want to visit Gram Gram Yam
by bkqueen May 27, 2021
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