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One of the most beautiful and intelligent girls you will ever meet. At first she will come off strong, but as you get to know her you will soon come to find she is one of the sweetest and loyal people ever. Gracelynn also have a tendency to think they have flaws but there just about perfect. They are usually really talented in photography and singing.
Mark: hey John who’s that singing?
John: oh that’s gracelynn, she’s really sweet

Mark:should I go talk to her ?
John: if I introduce you yes but she might be mean to you if you go by yourself
by BigK707 February 12, 2018
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A shy when you meet her girl, but if you gain her all time trust, she will be the most annoying person you know. Usually loves music, Especially punk and country. She loves to sing even though she pretty much sucks. She doesn't believe people when they compliment her and she's very insecure. She will become sad over nothing.
Tabby: Who is that shy girl over there writing poetry?
Carrie: Oh, that's Gracelynn
Tabby: She's kind of weird
Carrie: She's VERY weird
by Codybislynn January 22, 2014
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