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Mix up di grabba wid di weed, hot grabba spliff, cut it up inna di weed fi it badda
by Timdoggg May 04, 2015
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A Jamaican term used to describe something mixed with marijuana when smoked, so as to keep the sent down and to get rid of the bad aftertaste.
Be sure to mix some grabba into it. I dont want my girl to know I was smoking this.
by Stephaun Marley March 05, 2008
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Jamaican Term For Bread That Now Exits The Oven. A Mixture Of Bread & Weed.
Hot Grabba, Hot Grabba
by Buju Ransom April 28, 2011
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grr-ab-ahh Adjective/Verb The name given to all those that play games and are homosexual and/or are committing homosexual acts. Originally derived from a boys nick name.
That kid playing CS was such a Grabba. He was doing a Grabba.
by King Smith June 03, 2006
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