When you’re just too cool to say “go on
“I’ll deck u lad”
Ahaha Gowan ye fat fuck
by Twistyyyyyyy March 24, 2018
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"Gowan then" Gowan = go on
"I'll knock u clean out"
"Gowan then"
by Twistywiththebais August 18, 2017
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An word specifying a singular object more often than not preceded by an understood you
"(You) Gowan get fucked you arse."
by Gowan January 5, 2015
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When a George and a Rowan finally become boyfriends after years of confusing friendship, misunderstandings and side flings.
Rowan: I'm sick of you constantly calling me a faggot! it's true, alright?
George: *kisses him*
Rowan: ...i guess we're gowan now
by ihatethislol August 3, 2021
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A phrase used in a simile form to help explain the situation and/or the action you must perform.
Gowanism examples:

"You got to get on all four's and bear crawl like a wild-ass indian"

"Buggy's gonna go through 4 hole like a diamond through a goats ass"

"Buggy's gonna pass that safety like 2 ships passing in the night"

"Sometimes when your toatin the mail John you have to find a soft spot to lay down"
by titanfootball66 November 19, 2007
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When playing an online roleplaying game and choosing the opposite sex as your character to fool other players into thinking you are the opposite sex in RL
Hey dont be fooled by that guy, hes a gowans
by Raunchy June 4, 2007
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