People who are black everywhere, except their skin.
I am a goth. Most of us think we're depressed, but we probably live in upper to middle class homes and we get to buy clothing with zippers and holes in them for hundreds of dollars, even though most people can make it themselves for much less.
by j0shumz June 27, 2004
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Goths Put Frankly, Are, Total Friggen Wankers That Listen To Manson.(Everytime I See One I Feel Like Nailing A Fucking Ramones Record To Their Head So They Can Take It Home And Listen To Something Decent) And Dont Relise That Everyone Hates Them For Being Conformists To A Degree That Shits On The Groups They Are Trying To Rebell Against.(Even Though The Fuckers Only Do It For Attention)
Goth: 1 Hey Lets Go And Hand Out Razorbades At The Manson Concert To Help Our Bretheren Who Are To Depressed To Brigh There Own.

Goth: 2 I Cant Man My Bootlace Broke Today So Im Too Depressed.

Me: Fuckin Goths.
by Super Telecom July 17, 2006
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*Goths are people who have no originality and decide to go through some sort of rebellious stage to piss people off and start wearing black and listening to stupid EMO music! They make fun of all the rich preppy kids because they want to be rich and popular and preppy but they are NOT so they whine about it and say they hate the world! honestly someone should shoot them and put them out of their misery! theyre even more conformist and mainstream than preps! and they dont even look as cute! sOrrY to all the goths but get a life! xOxO
person1:that kids dressed in all black, i he goth?
person2:yeah he tried to kill himself last week!
person1: pathetic..
by Cierra Wallace April 12, 2005
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A sub-culture in high school and early college that have fallen out with popular modern culture. They are also known as non-conformists. Most Goths try to create a "unique" and "original" style by becoming the opposite of what they hate. In doing so, they come to a conformist state of their own and exclude those who aren't "hardcore" or cool enough.
Blake changed his name to Blaque because he's a freakin' Goth.
by Andrew M. Smith August 12, 2005
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usually people are goth becouse they think they have problems or they are wannabes some goths though are usually like that natrally they really are depressed unlike most goths wich like i said are only acting it to go with there appearence but not its true not all goths dress in black with chains becouse im a goth and i dont dress like that to often or act depressed when im really not, some people though have a huge misunderstanding on the "true" goths who are that way by nature which i think people need to open there eyes and figure out the posers from the naturals. and i read a thing earlier and just to get things striaght not all goths get drunk and fuck dead animals the only ones you do that are the sick bastards who make all us goths look bad by making everbody beilieve that all goths are supposed to be sick and satanic, but its not true and some goths do have a life the only ones who dont are the ones who think there lonley and abused but most of them are not there only acting. and i just wanted people to know this so they dont talk about all the ok goths, its only the wannabes and sickos that you should talk bad about. thats all i have to say now. oh and one more thing i found this and just decided to wright if i am wrighting from the wrong thing please let me know
im goth and im nothing like that
by Jen ^_^ October 02, 2006
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Somebody who is tricked by other goths into thinking that dressing in all black, dyeing their hair, and saying "anticonformist stuff will set them apart from the "Sheeple" <- people who act like sheep, aka conformists. but in reality, they are merely conforming to an anti-conformitist role. doesn't make sence, i know.
All GOTHS EVER: I hate you for loving (mainstream item) thats why you are a loser conformist.
Me: go eat a razor, and stop acting like every other goth. Ever
by Eppiccnniicckk November 15, 2009
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The kids that never really ever fitted in and where made fun of for most of their childhood. When they got to highschool they tried to fit in but where still given a hard time. They eventually form a group and slowly start wearing black and talking about how they hate life. Often get do very strange things for attention. Do very poorly in school and anything else in life (sports, music, grades, drama) yet claim to be artistic
Goth-Fucking prep!

Me-What did you say?

Goth-You don't understand what pain really is!

Me-Pain you think you understand pain and suffering? Your a kid in the suburbs in the most affluent area of town who has most likely never met a poor person. If you want to now pain try living in a third world country
by free thought master June 22, 2005
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