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Gothic yes is a type of agriculture but then again it is somthing many people are very into today

Goth or Gothic is just a way of expression or looking towards the darker side of things there not satan worshippers or evil or nething like that there very understanding people. If you took the time to get to know them you would probably get along with them. You would then know that because they dress in black or smoke pot or listen to heavy metal music it doesnt make them a bad person it doesnt even really make them goth. some of the real goths are very heavily into depression. Some are not some are just like this to be different to show other people that everything in to world isnt all flowers bunnys and candy. No there is more to it than that Death Suicide Pain Drugs real goths or gothics understand the darker side of things and know not everything in the world is happyness. But you dont have to dress in black smoke pot or listen to heavy metal music to be goth u can wear hot pink and be goth its somthing that you have inside that some wish to show on the outside also. Goth is Self Expression, Freedom Of Expression, Freedom of Religion in a way, Freedom of Dress and Freedom Of Speech. If you Get Your tongue pierced that doesnt mean your goth. So to all the people out there who are reading this think about how the people u make fun of call names and ask really stupid questions are just like you. Their Normal people. They just express themselves differently then most people in this world do or would.
by Jayden Smith January 10, 2005
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i had to do a unique essay, and i chose to classify and observe the "Social Caste System" within my highschool. =3

The stereotypical Goth is thought to only wear black, and this inaccurate perception has lead to the misclassification of many. Though inclined to wear mostly black, numerous Goths wear neutral, or symbolic colours such as red or white. A sense of awe is bestowed upon a viewer by their unusual choice in clothing, and in latter years it has increased in popularity amongst teens. This in turn has sprung a new weed in the realm of the Goth--the Semi-Goths, or wannabes. The True Goth is very protective over their namesake. Their style of dress reflects their bold statement to be viewed differently by society, but the Semi-Goths undermine all of this; they reinforce and spread the seeds of stereotypes within the minds of an outsider. Goths remain the natural rivals of the preps even though they do not desire the preps “popular” status--they are protesting the seemingly shallow virtues of the Prep way of life. . True Goths are shy and generally philosophical, and although aloof and distant, they sometimes travel in small flocks up to four or five, much unlike the enormous factions of preps that clog the arteries of the school hallways. Sometimes confused with the “Emo-kids” due to their fondness of poetry—be it dark or not. They like to ponder the universe and search for a deeper meaning to their existence. They are inwardly melodramatic, and outwardly anti-social. The poetic side of a Goth sees the pain and misery that surrounds him or her and still finds a picturesque beauty within it. An under-developed Goth may not yet be able to understand the nesseccity of the darkness around him/her, and these are the ones who slip into severe cynicism, depression and suicidal tendencies. They are the ones who have not yet mastered their gift of seeing the yin and yang of things.
look in your own highschool and observe the Goth, maybe they change from region to region.this was just what i found in my school...xD uhm...Goth or Gothic.
by jessica Brinkley September 14, 2006
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