A dingy, lifeless town on the south coast of England where nothing ever happens. Steeped in naval history which is about the only thing going for it. Population is roughly 80,000. 30% are dirty unwashed chavs who'll stab you for a bag of chips. 50% are OAPs who'll tell you about when everything was all fields and the other 20% are people like me. Desparate to escape to somewhere half decent.
Dirty Gosport chav: 'oi mush giv us ur fukin' chips you slag
Bewildered Gosport pensioner: eh?
by Mikettb May 28, 2008
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Gosport a shitty town on the south coast of england full of chavs and roadmen who'll stab you for a packet of crisps after robbing your moped
I don't like staying in Gosport I might get shanked
by Frank1950 November 20, 2019
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Gosport a town full of smoking school kids that brag using their daddys Range-Rover!Weed is easily bought and a local airport lets drug dealers escape quick!Full of instagram chavs that are instagram beasts and all fake a souther accent.
I live in Gosport.
by Big Shaq 1 January 14, 2018
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Gosport or turk town is an urban area near to Portsmouth, England. It is inhabited by baseball cap wearing, RS Turbo Escort driving pikey youths with ginger hair.

Also used as a term of derision when saying where people live.
by Swanny September 26, 2003
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